The Material Of Stainless Steel Tee

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Stainless steel tee and other materials have 304.316.316L.0Cr18Ni9.321.202. stainless steel tee specifications DN10-DN150, etc. methods are high-precision CNC machining lathe, lathe finishing, welding, etc. manufacturing standards GB, American Standard implementation of standards: ISO, 3A, DIN, SMS, IDF, etc., etc. Tee production technology professional forging, welding, etc.

Over the past decade, Japan's consumption of stainless steel cars from an average of 10 kg to 30 kg, the United States has more than 40 kg. Buses, subway, high-speed rail cars and other public transport is also widely used stainless steel.

For the construction industry provides a new choice. Application of industry analysis, the automotive industry is currently the fastest growing application areas of stainless steel tee.

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