Advantages Of Stainless Fittings

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Hot rolled seamless tube outer diameter generally greater than 32mm, wall thickness 2.5-75mm, cold-rolled sanitary pipe fittings diameter can go to the Department 6mm, wall thickness can be 0.25mm, outer diameter thin-walled tube to 5mm thickness can be less than 0.25mm , cold than hot-rolled high dimensional accuracy.

1) sanitary pipe fittings mechanical properties, tensile strength is 2 times the pipe, copper tube of 2.5 times, is nearly 20 times the plastic tube. Strength of the material determines whether the strong water crashworthiness, safety Seamless Steel Pipe and reliability. The safe and reliable water in construction to the most important requirements. In the case of being blunt, sanitary pipe fittings leaking highly unlikely, but copper and plastic pipes relatively high leakage rate, pipeline construction or re-decoration easily damaged. Several major cities in the domestic residence on the main complaint is the plastic water pipe leak, a major cause of leaks in plastic pipes stand up to physical shock.

2) stainless steel tee corrosion resistance. Stainless steel in the air very easily lead to 2-3% mm oxide film, a very good resistance to corrosion, the sanitary pipe fittings can be as 30m / s impact velocity, can resist corrosion caused by water vortex, according to different fluid, you can choose different brands of tubes.

3) stainless steel elbow physical properties. That is, the heat shrink up. sanitary pipe fittings of various pipe thermal expansion coefficient is the lowest, about 0.59 times the brass.

4)stainless fittings look beautiful. Long-term stay bright, do not pollute the clear tube wall, helping improve the building's grade.

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